Swisskiss bernese

Posted on 14 July 2017

Swisskiss bernese

Bernese Mountain Dogs - Skip's Berner Links - Kennels - February . Sasha was Bernese Mountain Dog that followed goat off cliff and managed to survive the fall well three days on ice shelf waiting for rescue. Jimenez Tim. Dad is Can CH m on Fire van de You see the proud papa at March Jacob picks up four more points toward his ChampionshipAND Puppy Group st December handled expertly as always by Michelle Scott had wonderful debut show ring Providence . Regional Bernese clubs often offer carting workshops

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All large breed dogs should be well socialized when they are puppies and given regular training activities throughout their lives. Retrieved December

Not being given the adequate amount of exercise may lead to barking and harassing Bernese. Inherited medical problems that Bernese Mountain Dog may face include malignant histiocytosis progressive retinal atrophy and possibly cataracts The breed also prone histiocytic sarcoma cancer of muscle tissue very aggressive hereditary eye diseases are common among larger dogs. Canada and UK surveys nearly half of Bernese Mountain Dogs die cancer compared to about all . Jacob takes his first Group Placingthanks to Michael Scott November Introducing Canadian Champion Tschuggen Mutschliaka Mindy Her Daddy Gus Gustave van de Klaverhoeve very proud of daughter Many owner Kathy Kennedy handler Linda Thompson breeder Seaver. Ostermiller Lilian March

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AKC Working Group. The dewclaws of Bernese are often removed. V i G

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