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PMID A well based analysis of replicon elimination with the HCV NSA replication complex inhibitor daclatasvir. PMID Antitumor and antiangiogenic activities of BMS inhibitor human EGF VEGF receptor kinase families. PMID Heterocyclic glucocorticoid receptor modulators with dimethyl phenyl thiazol thiadiazol propanamide core [...] 992

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PMID A New Perspective in the Field of Cardiac Safety Testing through Comprehensive Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay Paradigm. PMID Apixaban in patients with atrial fibrillation. McPhee F Hernandez Zhou Ueland J Yu Vellucci Huang X Wang Ishikawa Karino Kumada [...] 50

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Biochem J. PMID Establishment of robust hepatitis C virus replicon cell line overexpressing Pglycoprotein that facilitates analysis Pgp drug transporter effects inhibitor antiviral activity. Freeman J Baglino S Friborg Kraft Z Gray Hill McPhee Hillson LopezTalavera JC WindRotolo [...] 479

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Yuan L Jiang H Zheng Xia YQ Ouyang Zeng Akinsanya B Valentine JL Moehlenkamp JD Deng Aubry AF Arnold ME. June Bill Hay Australian rules footballer Ed Hobaugh American baseball player Rafael Barquero Costa judoka Shiraz Bermudian cricketer Carl Levin United States Senator from Michigan Bette Greene author Michael Artin mathematician Bob Burrow basketball . Penguin Adult [...] 1262

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March Se n Garland Irish politician . PMID Assessment of the Efficacy and Safety BMS in Patients With Major Depression Results From Randomized DoubleBlind Studies. Margolskee Darwich AS Pepin X Aarons Galetin RostamiHodjegan Carlert Hammarberg Hilgendorf Johansson Karlsson Murphy Tannergren Th rn Yasin Mazuir Nicolas Ramusovic Xu Pathak SM Korjamo Laru Malkki Pappinen Tuunainen Dressman Hansmann Kostewicz He Heimbach Wu Hoft Laplanche Pang Bolger Huehn Lukacova Mullin JM Szeto KX Costales McAllister Modi Rotter Varma Wong Mitra Bevernage Biewenga Van Peer Lloyd Shardlow Langguth Mishenzon Nguyen Brown Lennern Abrahamsson [...] 1318

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J Neurosci. Deitelzweig SB Evans M Trocio J Gupta K LingohrSmith Menges . Wang J Gu H Liu Kozhich Rangan V Myler Luo Wong Sun B Vezina HE Deshpande Zhang Yang Olah TV Aubry AF Arnold ME Pillutla DeSilva . September Afghanistan joins the League of Nations [...] 399

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PMID Eleven amino acid glucagonlike peptide receptor agonists with antidiabetic activity. ENT Fallen Hero This crewman worked as steward again and served meal to Captain Archer Lieutenant Reed answering You welcome sir . ENT Fight or Flight She was one of the crewmembers who were lying unconscious mess hall during Ferengi takeover Enterprise. PMID Evaluation of organic anion transporting polypeptide B and humanized mice as translational model to study the statins. ENT The Seventh Together with Billy she manned control booth in launch bay when Shuttlepod returned from surface of alien planet [...]